Terms of service

Client Service Expectations

IronOak IT techs will do their best to minimize the inconvenience of any impact from computer/server installations. We will also seek to find the balance between the best solution in terms of cost effectiveness and quickest resolution.

Response Time: IronOak IT will provide support on an hourly basis for all service issues. Guaranteed response times are provided to Managed Service clients with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). IronOak IT will respond at the earliest available time in all situations. The client is responsible to contact the IronOak IT helpdesk as the main point of contact during normal business hours. In the case of an emergency during weekends and after hours, an on call tech is available and can be reached through the main number followed by the emergency extension.


Service Time is invoiced at the hourly rate, unless a quote has been provided in advance, or the service work included under a Service Level Agreement.

Project Time is invoiced at an agreed timeline. A payment schedule is set up with the client. ie 50% of the project time is billed in advance of starting the project with the remaining project hours billed on completion.

Hardware/Software: All hardware is billed prior to delivery with payment expected in advance or upon delivery.

Cost of Providing Break/Fix IT Support

User Error: IronOak IT techs will do their best to educate the end-user and provide cost effectiveness to the client, though IronOak IT bears no responsibility for the costs of repair/service to the client in such cases.

Technology Changes: In the case where software/hardware providers change their support offering, IronOak IT is not liable for additional service work required to mitigate any challenges or costs that impact the client. IronOak IT will make the best recommendations at the time of offering.

Software & Hardware Requirements: Upgrades to software put an increasing load on client hardware. IronOak IT will make the best recommendation for hardware upgrades at the time of quote. IronOak IT does not bear any responsibility when hardware needs to be upgraded to comply with software requirements.

Computer Maintenance: Computer performance is affected by dust and heat. All computers and servers should be stored in a cool environment for optimal performance. The interior of the computer should be cleaned for dust and other debris on a regular basis. IronOak IT recommends that computers be cleaned once every 6 months or more often if the environment dictates the need. Costs of computer cleaning are the client responsibility.

Computer Management: Proactive maintenance is suggested by IronOak IT as a more effective method of managing potential issues and reducing downtime for the business and its employees. When the client chooses a Service Level Agreement with IronOak IT, the computers will be optimized for the highest performance standard possible. When Managed Computers fall below an acceptable level of performance, IronOak IT will recommend an upgrade. If the client chooses not to comply with an upgrade, then IronOak IT will continue to keep the hardware performance to the highest standard possible. IronOak IT is not liable for computer hardware or service costs, or downtime as a result of hardware malfunction or failure. The three main points of computer management include:

1) Managed Services, 2) Backup Services 3) Managed Antivirus

Hardware/Software Failure: Unless a manufacturer warranty is provided or an extended warranty is purchased by the client, the customer will be responsible for any and all service costs. IronOak IT will warranty the costs of returning hardware or software to the manufacturer.

Security and Confidentiality: All information, procedures and processes contained in the client computer systems, documentation and work environment, including passwords, are understood to be valuable confidential information that is proprietary to client and will be treated with strictest confidentiality. 

Price and Payment: Service Invoices are due upon receipt. When the client has signed a Service Level Agreement, IronOak IT will provide the appropriate discount, according to the agreement the client has signed.

Provision of Services: IronOak IT will provide reasonable access to the information technology resources that are required to accomplish the service and support required

We value you as a client of IronOak IT. It is a privilege to serve you and our goal is to provide you with excellent service, the upmost in client satisfaction, so that you can rely on us as your Partners in Productivity!